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How can building a brand image help our company?

Building a brand image is a multithreaded process, affecting various levels, both inside and outside the organization. The process is more like a marathon than a sprint. What counts is good strategy, perseverance and consistency. Some elements can be implemented relatively quickly, for example, visual identification, but recognition and trust come with time.

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What impact does the brand image have on customers and business partners?

Brand image has a direct impact on how we are perceived by the business environment. Taking care of this area makes us credible and more valuable in the eyes of customers, investors and suppliers. If the customer has a choice of a product from an unknown company or a brand that enjoys great recognition, he will likely choose a product from a well-known brand. For suppliers, a large and recognizable brand is a symbol of stability. Cooperation with it reduces the risk, ensures the continuity of supplies and builds long-term relationships. On the other hand, the investor will want to invest his money faster in a company with an established position on the market, recognizable, predictable and enjoying a good reputation. Such a company will be more attractive both to large investors, such as banks or investment funds and to small investors, e.g. stock exchange investors.

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How is the employer perceived through the prism of the brand?

As mentioned in the introduction, building a brand image affects both how the company is perceived outside and how it is perceived by employees. This is extremely important from the perspective of the company’s development, especially at times when we have the lowest unemployment rate in history. The employee market forces companies to engage in the fight for personnel to the maximum extent. Salary alone is no longer sufficient. Non-wage elements, such as subsidies, private medical care, free travel to work, the possibility of remote work, a transparent development path, the possibility of improving qualifications, etc., are increasingly important for employees.

Companies that understand the importance of a good image and recognition build the image of a good employer around their brand. They know perfectly well that retaining loyal employees in their ranks, as well as attracting the best professionals from the market is crucial for their development. This effect can be achieved through a well-thought-out and consistent strategy developed by a branding agency.

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What actions should be taken to consolidate the image of a good employer?

The employer-employee relationship is one of the areas of building the company’s identity. The company’s identity should be understood as a coherent system comprising elements such as philosophy, visual identification, goals and values. All these elements are to make the company better recognizable, and transparency and predictability will additionally increase trust in the brand.

Improving the company’s image as an employer includes several activities. Standardizing certain areas can significantly strengthen the employee’s bond with the company. Significant elements that can improve the image of our brand in this area include:

• ensuring good working conditions

• transparent career path

• taking care of positive opinions on the Internet

• activity in social media

• sponsorship of various events

• participation in job fairs

• advertising yourself as a good employer

• taking care of employee integration

• unification of uniforms and standards

• employee referral program

There are more activities undertaken by a branding agency. It is worth remembering that the employees themselves have a very large impact on how the company’s image will be shaped. A significant number of negative opinions may at some point take the form of a snowball that will be difficult to stop. Therefore, the sooner we entrust the branding agency with taking care of the employee sphere, the better.


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