Corporate Identity

Corporate Identity

Decisions made by consumers are very often influenced by numerous non-price factors. One such factor will be Corporate Identity — a coherent and well-thought-out set of elements with which your company identifies itself. Thanks to the corporate brand identity, we have an impact on how it will be perceived by our employees, customers, contractors and the whole business environment. Building a company’s identity is a process that should not be underestimated by owners and managers. Implementation of a well-thought-out strategy aimed at building Corporate Identity may bring measurable benefits to your company in the long term.


What is corporate identity?

When talking about a company’s identity, it cannot be viewed only through the prism of individual components, such as brand identity or visual communication.


Identity is more than that. It is a system of many elements whose coherent and thoughtful implementation will allow you to present your company. Thus, it will be positively perceived by the market and clientele environment.

Corporate Identity image
Corporate identity development for the cryptographic company CoinsPaid

What are the benefits of creating a corporate identity?

Creating a company identity is a process that can bring many benefits to your business. The most important advantages of implementing Corporate Identity include:

  • Building trust in the business environment
  • Standing out from the competitors
  • Greater credibility
  • Building bonds between the company and employees
  • Brand recognition and its philosophy
  • Establishing long-term business relationships
  • Better sales results


As you can see, creating a corporate identity opens up a lot of possibilities. Transparency and consistency of the values presented by the company make us more credible in the eyes of customers, employees, suppliers and investors. The actions taken, by the adopted philosophy and set goals, combined with a unified, coherent and well-thought-out visual identification will make our brand considered stable and trustworthy.


It is worth taking a look at the market leaders in various industries. Some companies have been setting their goals for decades, building a philosophy around these goals, and then implementing appropriate graphic identification techniques. Thanks to this, everyone knows what a given company does, what its priorities are, what path it will follow in the future, what are the working conditions, etc. This makes them trusted business partners. This is the power of Corporate Identity.

Corporate Identity image
Development of the visual identity of the city of Konin

How is Corporate Identity built?

The company’s identity is built by effective visual communication combined with well-thought-out non-verbal communication. The most important elements of visual identification include:

  • Logotype
  • Fonts
  • Colours
  • Points of contact between the brand and consumers
  • The appearance of vehicles or office space
  • Website design


In turn, the elements of verbal communication that play an important role in building Corporate Identity include:


  • Brand name
  • Online reviews
  • Media articles
  • Company blog
  • Description of the website
  • Advertising slogans
  • Sponsorship


The graphic identification of the brand, as well as the company’s philosophy, must be consistent. Only a well-thought-out strategy based on understanding the company’s specifics, philosophy, competition and business environment will allow for the development of creative and effective solutions.

Corporate Identity image
Corporate identity development for Wargaming


As you can see, there are many benefits to building a company’s identity and it is worth taking care of. This is an issue that requires a comprehensive approach to the subject, so it is worth entrusting its implementation to our company. Thanks to the objectivity and experience of our team, we can build the identity of your company thoughtfully and comprehensively.


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