Why is company naming so important?

You have an idea for a new business, and you know what services or products you want to launch on the market, but you have no idea about the name of your business. You cannot act anonymously. The name is a kind of image that represents what you offer. Naming is a very important part of the company’s image, it becomes a communication tool not only with customers but also with suppliers, administration, investors, banks and other partners. The difference between good and bad naming can condition the perception of these relationships.

The importance of naming for the image of your company is reinforced by the fact that it will often be the first thing customers will see. This happens when they search the internet or read a manual about the product or service you sell. Customers also pay attention to the name when you appear at a promotional fair, when they buy a product in a store or when they see a signboard on the facade of your company. You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so if your company’s naming is to be the first thing potential buyers see, it’s worth approaching this choice carefully and professionally.

How to choose the perfect company naming?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a company name. Of particular interest is naming, which:


  • is short, simple and creative
  • is easy to remember
  • it can be easily spelled
  • it is unique and accessible


To make the company’s nomenclature even better, it would also be good to associate it with the scope of activity. Therefore, the process of creating a name requires time and well-thought-out decisions. When we collect basic data from you, we will focus on creating a name that will be catchy, relatively easy to remember and will stand out from the competition.

Get your company named with our services

Would you like to start a company or have developed a product and are now looking for a suitable name? We will easily find what you need for you. Our creative and experienced team will help you find the right brand. If you already have an idea, we’ll do some initial research to see if the invented name is free. If the desired company name has already been taken, we will suggest alternatives.

We will find the right naming that is not unique but also represents your company, service or product in a target group-oriented way. The most important thing in our activities is that your customers and business partners will be able to easily remember the name and pronounce it without any problems. We will make the name of your company evoke only positive associations and immediately associate it with your industry. Well-chosen naming is an introduction to comprehensive brand image development.

Branding starts with the name

Creating an appropriate company name is a strategically fundamental decision in the process of setting up a company. Well-chosen naming represents what you stand for. Your company name will be visible on all your products and packaging and will be the reference point for the entire brand strategy. Therefore, the importance of a strong brand cannot be underestimated. Good naming will help people identify the quality of your products or services and remember them, while bad naming will be quickly forgotten and ignored.

Building a brand strategy depends on having an image of your company that the customer can understand and interact with. Creating a brand identity that will last in the market starts with having a credible name. Investing time and resources in choosing the right business name will make a huge difference in the future, so it’s worth trusting professionals in this matter. At PG Branding, we draw inspiration from many areas to create a company name that will stay with you for a long time.


Marketing research

Marketing research is a key element of almost every project. We check out what consumers really think and what drives their purchasing decisions. We analyze the results and translate them into real actions that give real results.

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Brand creation

We build brands from scratch and transform existing brands. Our goal is to create bestsellers on the market.

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Brand design

We comprehensively build a full brand image. We take extra care to ensure that we stand out from our competitors’ products and services. We focus on the real attention of consumers.

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Brand Communication

The coherence of strategy and creation in brand communication is extremely important. This is why first we develop a strong strategic base and then supplement it with a non-standard creation. Then we work on custom execution ideas for promotion.

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Brand strategy development

Setting the brand’s business goals is the first step in a good strategy. After determining these points, we prepare, step by step, a detailed plan for the implementation of the vision.

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Brand consulting

We know how to create the best product vision and launch it on the market. We investigate how to increase brand loyalty. We analyze the current market situation of the brand and advise on how to increase consumer attention.

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