When it’s time to get a Rebranding?

Things don’t always go our way. The business environment is changing, so our company must be able to adapt to it. Sometimes a brand, whether due to external or internal conditions, needs to refresh its image. This is what rebranding is for.



What is rebranding?

Rebranding is a process during which a brand undergoes a comprehensive transformation aimed at strengthening its image. There are many reasons why a brand may need rebranding. These include:


  • ownership changes
  • changes in the operating strategy
  • changing the company’s philosophy
  • targeting a different consumer
  • reluctance to be associated with the existing brand
  • expansion into new markets


A great example of rebranding is the transformation of CPN into PKN Orlen. In this way, the brand cut itself off from the communist past and showed a new quality of services offered. The report “Analysis of the perception of petrol stations in Poland. 3rd edition” conducted by the Institute for Market and Social Research shows that: “Orlen remains the most trusted network of stations in Poland, which was most often chosen over the last three months by both people refuelling and people using the non-fuel offer.” Undoubtedly, this is a significant success achieved thanks to rebranding.

Rebranding image
Rebranding for “Quick'n'Yummy"

Rebranding for “Quick'n'Yummy"

Rebranding is a complex process that affects the identity of the company. It affects both the aspect of the brand’s visual identification, as well as its philosophy and present values. In consultation with the client and taking into account their comments, our team conducts the rebranding process in several stages:


  • we develop an action strategy based on the client’s suggestions, market research and consumer expectations;
  • we prepare a new visual identity for the brand;
  • we implement changes in all communication channels with the client;
  • we announce changes both outside and inside the organisation.


As mentioned earlier, rebranding is a complex process. Sometimes the name stays the same and sometimes it changes. Nevertheless, these activities profoundly affect the organization, from its philosophy to its letterhead. Since it is a complicated, costly and consequential process, it is worth relying on a proven and experienced branding agency when implementing it.

Rebranding image
Rebranding for "Cafe Primero"

What benefits can rebranding bring to a brand?

The main reason for rebranding is the desire to strengthen the brand image. This desire may be due to various reasons. Here are some examples from our yard:

• change of owner (Idea turned into Orange),

• refreshing the image (PZU, PKO BP)

• willingness to cut off from history (transformation of CPN into PKN Orlen).

The final effect of the rebranding process will be the rebuilding of the company’s identity. By corporate identity (also known as Corporate Identity), we understand a coherent system of elements such as the company’s philosophy, its values, aspirations, actions taken, visual identification and verbal communication. All this is to make the refreshed brand better recognisable and perceived. Rebranding allows you to build or improve relationships with business partners, and also gives you a chance to regain lost customers and attract new ones.

The effect of the entire transformation process is to be the improvement of the company’s condition, its financial results, strengthening trust in the brand, as well as its better perception by investors, suppliers, employees and consumers.


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Marketing research is a key element of almost every project. We check out what consumers really think and what drives their purchasing decisions. We analyze the results and translate them into real actions that give real results.

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The coherence of strategy and creation in brand communication is extremely important. This is why first we develop a strong strategic base and then supplement it with a non-standard creation. Then we work on custom execution ideas for promotion.

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Setting the brand’s business goals is the first step in a good strategy. After determining these points, we prepare, step by step, a detailed plan for the implementation of the vision.

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