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Web design is needed

The development of technology has made the traditional transmission of information more and more often lose to its digital counterpart and is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The basic tool for searching for products and services nowadays is the Internet. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown how important it is in modern society. The web design of a website is an important point of contact for the brand’s visual identification.

The web design of a website is a necessity nowadays. Billions of people have access to the Internet, so they are your potential customers. So you can’t let yourself miss out there.

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What are UI/UX differences?

All websites we create are first developed based on UI and UX prototypes.

UI – user interface – this is the area where human-machine interaction takes place.

UX – user experience – this is how we define the user’s experience while using the product.

Creating a prototype is a process during which a website design is created. The model is a reflection of the customer’s desires and way of thinking.

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Development of a website design for “Freeco"

What is the importance of web design for a company?

As part of the design work, the user interface is being prepared, and all aspects affect, among others, the functionality, transparency and aesthetics of the website. We must remember that the website is our showcase and in many cases, it will be the first contact of a potential customer with our company.


Sloppy graphic design, poorly planned content, unfinished navigation, all these seemingly minor details can ultimately reflect on the customer. Sometimes entrepreneurs underestimate the importance of a website in the business. This is a big mistake.

Modern technology allows you to create websites using ready-made templates, but it is better to entrust these works to a professional web design company. Our team of specialists will make great use of their experience to make your website stand out from the competitors.

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Development of a website design for “3biker”

Process of creating websites

Due to the wide scope of work, professional websites are created practically only by web designers specialized for this purpose. In cooperation with copywriters, they can create a unique and eye-catching website that will properly represent your company.


Here’s how the website creation process works:

  • determining the scope of work and the most important areas of the website with the client
  • preparation of a graphic version of the project based on the adopted marketing strategy or according to the client’s guidelines
  • programming work (Back-end)
  • discussing the test version with the client and identifying areas for improvement
  • integration with external systems if necessary
  • installation of the prepared website on the client’s server


The SEO of the website is also very important. The higher the position in the search results, the greater the probability that a potential customer will visit our website. This is an aspect that needs to be taken care of.


The last but no less important element is to create a web design of the website consistent with the adopted brand development strategy. The website cannot constitute a separate entity. If we position our “brand”, we must ensure that web design is included in this process.



To view more of our projects, go to the portfolio page or download the presentation.


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