Why illustrations in branding are important?

The art of illustration was already known in ancient Egypt. Although several thousand years have passed, it still plays an important role in our culture. It also plays an important role in marketing and business. Very often, it is the illustration that is on the face of product packaging and allows you to catch the customer’s attention.

Illustration image
Illustrations for “Engie"

The importance of illustrations in the company’s identity


Visual identification unifies the structure of the company. It makes it better recognizable and perceived by both external entities and employees.

Let’s imagine a situation: each railway station and ticket office are marked with a different symbol, the conductors dress according to their discretion, and the plates indicating the platforms and timetables have different colours. The lack of systematisation of certain issues leads to chaos, confusion and lack of consistency. In addition, a negative image of the company is subconsciously created in the customer’s mind. This is why visual identification is so important.


Illustrations in this area can be used for:

  • creating a logo
  • establishing a consistent colour scheme
  • determining the typeface
  • interior design
  • packaging design
  • creating promotional materials
  • preparation of the Brand Book
Illustration image
Illustrations for “On my way!”

What is the value of an illustration?


There’s a reason people say they buy with their eyes. One good advertising illustration can express more than a thousand words. The constant rush and excess of information make people look for the simplest form of communication, and illustration is perfect for this. Our team of experienced illustrators approaches the order creatively and comprehensively. The illustrations they create are always original and consistent with the brand’s style.

The work of an illustrator can be used on many levels. Starting from the logo, through corporate symbolism, to web design. Illustration plays a very important role in visual identification, which is one of the basic elements of building a company’s identity.

Illustration image
Illustrations for “Super Skills!”

What is the purpose of a brand book?


It is a document that describes in detail the visual identification of the company, thanks to which it is possible to build its coherent image. The book lists elements such as:


  • company logo
  • company colours,
  • corporate typography,
  • company handouts (letters, envelopes, folders)
  • commercial materials
  • presentation templates
  • employee uniforms
  • employee badges
  • transport exterior
  • interior of offices, restaurants, points of sale
  • visual information (pictograms, information boards, signs)


The brand book covers the entire area related to visual identification. In the case of small businesses, this issue is easier to control and may not be as problematic. However, in the case of large brands, the Book of Visual Identity should be created on a mandatory basis. A clearly defined message about the requirements for visual identification will reduce confusion and help maintain consistency in the organisation.


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